Adorado is a proven sire of top-class show jumpers!

As a young stallion he was one of the most successful jumpers in Belgian history. This made him particularly popular with breeders and in 2010 he was the most used stallion in the Belgian Warmblood. He continued to confirm his qualities by also achieving success at the highest level and by being part off the Belgian team. He is no longer active in sports, but his descendants are taking over with CSI5 * performance.

°2002 - 1.68m - Approved for BWP, Hannover, Selle Francais

Adorado has a particularly noble appearance. The head-neck connection is fine and provides easy control while riding. With a good shoulder position and a strong back-loin connection, he is an excellent sport horse. His legs are dry and correct on the hard surface. The combination of these factors is important for breeding showjumpers.

Adorado has a very good character. He is very easy to ride in the presence of other horses. He learns very quickly and is always very concentrated during work. Adorado is brave during the course, yet he has a lot of respect for the obstacles. He is always very quiet in the stable. In summary, Adorado has all qualities of a good top level jumper.

Jumping skills
His jumping is characterized by great flexibility, a required characteristic for the highest level. With a strong and balanced canter he manages to jump the obstacles with great conviction. His respect for the obstacles and his good technique also led to spectacular jumps. 
Adorado (9yo) 4th at the Grand Prix 1.60m CSIO Lummen
Adorado 3th @ Sires of the World CSIW Mechelen
Adorado comes from a combination of Holsteiner and Hanoverian blood that ensures excellent jumping qualities.

His father is the Holsteiner stallion Acorado who did his Stallion test (100-day test) in Adelheidsdorf in 1997. He achieved fourth place in dressage and first place in jumping. With an index of 145.67 points he became 1st of all participating stallions in total. According to the FN 2003, he has a particularly high breeding value estimation for jumping 150 (0.89). Acorado also has a particularly high index for jumping of 158 in Hanover (Jahrbuch Hengste 2005), which puts him in fifth place in the top jumping list. At the age of nine he already received several international classifications: 10th place in the 1m50 GP of Hengelo 2003, 4th in the country prize of CSIO **** Zagreb 2003 and 12th in the GP of CSIO **** Zagreb 2003. In 2003 this passed away nine-year-old jumping talent due to a very miserable and irreparable injury during his training.

The mother of Breemeersen Adorado is GLÜCKSFEE. She was included in the Hanoverian Springpferde Program and classified in the M / B (1.30m) class (in Germany) when she was six years old. Before that she gave some foals and went back to breeding at the age of 7. Glücksfee's father is GLÜCKSGRIFF, who was the Sieger stallion in Hanover in 1989. In proportion to the number of offspring, many of them are active, both in dressage and jumping. His father Glucksstern comes from the dam's line of Shutterfly (Wiesenfreude is the mother of Glucksstern and the great-grandmother of Shutterfly). Gluecksgriff himself comes from the damline of Lugano I and II.

The mother of Glücksfee is ANTHEA who also gave birth to some other remarkable jumpers. The best known is EDGAR (by Espri) who won prizes of € 24,543 in class S and in country prizes with Heinrich-Hermann Engemann. He then moved to the USA and won Grand Prix with Olympic medalist Joe Fargis including 2nd in $ 50,000 Culpeper GP 2004, 1st in $ 175,000 Cargill GP 2003 in Oaks Blenheim and 1st in $ 75,000 Tommy Bahama Florida Open.

In the maternal line of Adorado there are still a few relatives with special exterior and sport performances:
- GOLDFEE (Pilot x Goldperle): classified in jumping class S (1.50m).
- GRAND PILOT (now EUROCOMMERCE PENNSYLVANIA) (Gambrinus x Goldfee): Approved stallion in Bayern and classified at seven years in class S (1.50m). He is currently jumping under the saddle of Gerco Schröder (2009: including 2nd GP Leipzig).
- EXPLOSIV (Espri x Gabriela = Goldperle's full brother): internationally successful with Hugo Simon (ao victory in 1m50 CSIO Linz 2002, win in derby CSI Vienna 2001, 1st CSI Frankfurt 2002 hunting course 1m50, 2nd GP 1m60 Munich 2001). Winsom in Germany: 98027 euros.


Adorado retires from the sport 

3e 1.50m Grand Prix CSI3* Bonheiden
3e 1.45m LR CSI3* Bonheiden

7e 1.55m GP CSI3* Zandhoven
8e 1.55m GP CSI3* Beervelde

4e 1m50 GP CSI3* Beervelde
6e 1m60 Nations Cup CSIO Gijon
9e 1m45 CSI3* Bonheiden
5e 1m55 GP CSI3* Sint-Katelijne-Waver
1e 1m50 LR CSI3* Sint-Katelijne-Waver
2e 1m60 Nations Cup CSIO Odense
10e 1m50 GP CSI3* Lummen

6e 1m50 GP CSI2* Mechelen
1e 1m60 Nations Cup CSIO Lisbon
16e 1m60 GP CSIO Lummen
6e 1m50 LR CSI4* Antwerp
1e 1m50 LR CSI3* Lummen
6e 1m50 LR CSI3* Lanaken

6e Sires of the World CSI5*-W Mechelen
2e GP 1.60m CSI-W Poznan
9e GP 1.45m CSI2* Wieze
15e GP 1.60m CSIO5* Gijon
8e 1.50m CSIO5* Gijon
6e FEI Super League 1.60m CSIO5* Falsterbo
13e GP 1.50m CSI3* Aalst
3e 1.50m CSI3* Nieuwpoort
2e FEI Nations Cup 1.60m CSIO4* Lummen
7e GP 1.60m CSIO4* Lummen
6e GP 1.50m CSI3* Lummen

3th Sires of the World CSI5* Mechelen
2e pl Grote Cup Zilverenspoor Moorsele
10e pl kl. GP CSI3* Wieze 2011
Winner GP CSI2* s’ Gravewezel
Brons FEI Nations Cup CSIO Copenhagen
4e pl GP 1.60m CSIO Lummen
10e pl GP 1.50m CSl3* Lummen
Winner 1.40m CSI3* Lummen

12th place Sires of the World CSI5* Mechelen
10th place small GP (1,45m) CSI3* Wieze
Winner Big Cup Moorsele (1.45m)
10th place 1.50m CSI3* Moorsele
11th place Cup of Belgium
3th place Sires of WEN (1.45m)
7th place 1.40m WEN lier
Adorado becomes "BWP elite stallions"

2009: Best performing 7 year old belgian stallion!
2nd place 7-year old stallions Jumping Mechelen!
Winner 1.40m CSI** De Warre
9th place World championships 7 year old horses, Lanaken!
4th place Belgian championships 7 year old horses, Lummen.
8th 1.40m CSI*** Lummen.
13th 1.40m CSI*** Lummen.
Overall winner belgian stallion competition for 7 year old stallions.

2008: Best performing 6 year old belgian stallions.
Bronze at the world breeding championships!!
Jumped the final of the Belgian championship for 6y old horses.
Jumped the final of the Hanoverian championship for 6y old horses.
Winner of the national competition for 6y old horses, 8 time double clearround.
Wins the final of the Belgian Stallion Competition.

4th at the national final of the rural riding, class M (1.30m).
Silver at the provincial final of the rural riding, class M (1.25m)
2 times clearround at the national championships of the Belgian Warmblood.
6 times clearround at the national competition for 5y old horses.
Licensed for live in the Belgian Warmblood.

five times clearround at the national competition of 4y old horses.

Approved stallion for the Belgian Warmblood.

Approved stallion for the Hannover studbook.

Adorado wins with Belgium the nation cup 1.60m @ CSIO Lissabon 2013
Adorado 2th with Belgium @ FEI Nation Cup Lummen 2012
Adorado 2th @ World Cup Poznan 2012
Adorado 3th @ World Breeding Championships 6yo horses 2008
Sporza interview about Adorado 4th @ CSIO Lummen

Adorado in the press

Intervieuw about Adorado in the CAP magazine 2008

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Interview about Adorado in Equitime 2008

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Article about Adorado in the Haverklap pagina 1

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Article about Adorado in the Haverklap pagina 2

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Some successful offspring
Koss van Heiste
Adorado x Contact vd Heffinck
Breeder: Patrick Gillis
Rider: Connor Swail
Active on  5* niveau 1.60m
Member of the Irish team

Knock Out van ’t Paradijs
Adorado x Carabas van de Wateringhoeve
Breeder: Rooms – Van den Branden
Rider: Tim Wilks
Active on 5* level 1.60m
Member of the Canadian team

Jadorado van de Bremboshoeve
Adorado x Palestro van de Begijnakker
Breeder: Van Opstal – Van Cauwenbergh
Rider: Donaat Brondeel
1.55m GP Moorsele, Bonheiden & Lier

Hermelien van de Kerckenbulk
Adorado x Hardi
Breeder: Van Wonterghem
Rider: Donaat Brondeel
1.40m CSI Lummen, Lanaken, …

Adorado x Thunder van de Zuuthoeve
Breeder: Marcel Rombauts
Rider: Raad Naser & Ruben Romp
1.60m niveau

Imoretto van de Breemeersen
Adorado x Grannusso
Breeder: Stoeterij de Breemeersen
Training: Donaat Brondeel
Rider: Claire Dotty
Actief op CSI4* 1.60m niveau

Antigone de Gravelotte
Adorado x Caretino
Breeder: Claire Bresson (fr)
Rider: Philip McGuane
1.45m in Dublin & Valkenswaard

Loreen van de Landhoek
Adorado x Querlybet Hero
Breeder: Jozef de Weerde
Rider: Marthe van Gorp
1.45m CSI3* Carmona-Sevilla 2019

Videos of offspring
Koss van Heiste 3th @ GP 1.60m Wellington - Florida CSI4*
Knock Out @ CSI5* 1.50m Waregem
Jadorado @ 1.55m Grand Prix CSI3* Bonheiden
Hermelien 5th @ CSI3* Lummen
Imoretto @ Belgian Championship 7yo horses
Imoretto 8yo @ 1.45m CSI3* Lummen
Antigone Gravelotte @ CSIO Dublin