Boarding and training in a high level environment!

The horse boarding is accessible for both recreational riders and professional riders.

Why choosing the Breemeersen?
In the Breemeersen the horses are central in a quiet and green environment in Belgium where the cities Aalter, Deinze and Nevele come together. In the new stables, much attention is paid to the safety, peace and health of the horses. We also provide good quality food that, thanks to its composition, ensure that all horses are always in good condition.

What does the Breemeersen have to offer you and your horse?
The safety and health of the horses is always considered in the choice of materials. That is why quality is always chosen.
Large horse boxes of 12m²
Fields in the summer and paddock in the winter
Your own saddle box
Washing places with hot water and solarium
One of the largest indoor arenas in the Flanders of 85 x 40 m
Outdoor all-weather arena of 75 x 35 m
Gallop or walk track arround the fields.
Lunging area.

How is the atmosphere in the Breemeersen?
You can only enjoy your favorite sport in a good atmosphere. We therefore think it is very important that everyone can feel good in the Breemeersen, taking each other into account. Under the motto good agreements make good friends, we work with a closed Facebook group and internal rules so that everyone is always quickly informed. In this way we can prevent any frustration and everyone can feel good in the Breemeersen.

How do I drive to the Breemeersen?
The Breemeersen in Lotenhulle (Aalter-Belgium) are easily accessible via the E40 or E17 motorways. It lies on the border of West and East Flanders: 30 km from Bruges, 20 km from Ghent and 40 km from Kortrijk.

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