Crescendo is a true all-rounder with offspring in show jumping, dressage and eventing.

As a young stallion he immediately stood out for his appearance, flexibility and ability. He was able to confirm his qualities by performing at international shows at 1.60m level. His offspring are very popular with the riders due to their pleasant character.
°2006 - 1.75m - Approved for BWP & Hannover

Homozygous brown
This dark brown stallion is free of the chestnut factor. This means that he cannot give chestnut foals.

Crescendo is a willing stallion who is very easy to ride. He learns very quickly because of his will to work, his flexibility and his balance. 

Jumpin skills
Crescendo possesses everything that a good jumping horse must possess! Souplesse, strength, technique, caution and guts. In addition to his jumping talent, he has a beautiful exterior and nice movements, which means that he is sometimes also used as a dressage stallion.

Crescendo 5th @ 1.60m Derby Lummen CSIO
Crescendo @ 1.50m Sires of the world CSIW Mechelen
The sire Contendro I is the promising sport and breeding stallion who won the performance tests in Adelheidsdorf in 2001. The stallion Contendro has become a household name in Germany and is labeled as a stallion maker. The nine-year-old Contendro I has already delivered around 20 approved sons. He descends from the famous stamp stallion Contender and the mare Bravo from the Holsteinerstam 104a. The breeding power of mother Bravo is further underlined by her oldest approved son Caretano Z. With Jos Lansink this prematurely deceased Caretino son at the age of 7 won the world championship for young horses in Lanaken.

On mother's side, Contendro I carries the blood of the highest-rated sport horse supplier Ramzes X four times. Jumping talent is also strongly anchored in the Contendro I family. This is confirmed by a series of international jumpers from this line, including Codex One (Christian Ahlmann), Lemur (Peter Weinberg), Fresco (Gerd Wiltfang), Freeman (Hauke ​​Schmidt), Lorent II (Kurt Jarasinki), Nicolette (Robert Whitaker), Corlanda (Willi Melliger) Lapaz (Emile Hendrix), Athletico (Ludger Beerbaum) Corland (Wout- Jan vd Schans), Cajano (Hauke ​​Luther), Celano (Rob Ehrens) and Athlet (Willi Mellinger).

Dam Sally is a state premium mare and jumped well by the young horses in Germany. She has already given a Hanover-approved Contendro son, so Crescendo is the second. Sally's full brother, Salisbury, is also approved for Hanover. Sire Salieri is of course known to us as the sire of Salinero (no.1 in dressage with Anky van Grunsven), but Salieri himself was an international show jumper under Holger Wulschner (earned more than 100,000 euros in Germany in 2 years), and is probably the only stallion of which two full brothers participated in two different disciplines at the Olympic Games in Athens: Salinero in dressage and Seven Up in jumping. Salieri is / was one of the few remaining representatives of the Hanoverian S-line (Salvano and Servus both go back to the well-known Senator (by Semper Idem)), now again known through Stakkato. Great-grandfather Pik Bube was also approved in BWP at the time, and is also known for producing jumpers and dressage horses.


Crescendo is leaving the sport after an injury.

Several results at 1.40m and 1.50m at CSI3 * level.

2015 (9y)
Clearround Sires of the World Mechelen
Clearround 1.50m CSI3 * Beervelde

2014 (8y)
8th 1m40 CSI Sint-Katelijne-Waver
10th 1m45 CSIO GIJON (Spain)
12th 1m45 CSI Beervelde
Clearround 1m50 Zandhoven

2013 (7y)
2nd stallion competition WEN
Winner stallion competition Gravenwezel
15th 1m35 CSI Mons
clearround 1m40 CSIO Lisbon
10th 1m40 CSI Mechelen

2012 (6y)
Gold Stallion competition 6 year olds WEN
Silver BWP stallion championship 6-year-olds Moorsele
1st 1m30 6 & 7y CSI Liège

Clearround National Cycle 5 year old horses Moerzeke
Clearround National Cycle 5 year old horses Aalter
Clearround National Cycle 5 year old horses in Hulsterlo
Clearround National Cycle 5 year old horses Moorsele
Clearround National Cycle 5 year old horses in Basècle

Winner final ranking Belgian stallion competition for 4 year old stallions!
Winner final Belgian stallion competition de Warre.
Winner Belgian stallion competition Ghent.
Winner Belgian stallion competition Hulsterlo.
Winner BWP stallion gala 4 year old stallions.

Approved as a 3-year-old for the Belgian studbook BWP. He received particularly good points in terms of his rideability, jumping technique and exterior.

In the fall of 2009, Crescendo successfully completed the 70-day test in Adelheidsdorf. He achieved in total a 5th place with excellent points.
Character = 8/10
Temperament = 8/10
Willingness to work = 8/10
Gallop = 8/10
Course jump = 8/10
Jump way = 9/10
Jump capacity = 9/10
As a 2-year old approved for the German studbook Hanover and purchased by the Breemeersen studfarm at the stallion auction of Hanover.

Crescendo 3th @ derby CSI3* Lier 2015
Crescendo @ 1.50m CSI Beervelde
Crescendo @ 1.45m CSI Lanaken
Crescendo at 7 year CSI Mons
Crescendo at 6 year
Londen van de Breemeersen
Breeder: Stoeterij de Breemeersen
Rider: Donaat Brondeel
Crescendo x Adorado

Breeder: Van Rijsselberghe
Rider: Donaat Brondeel
Crescendo x Non Stop

Londen vd Breemeersen
Londen 1.20m Lier
Loca (Crescendo x Nonstop)
Loca 1.20m (Crescendo x Nonstop)
Kredo Grande 5yo