For almost 30 years the company was managed by Jef and Jo Brondeel-Vettenburg but in 2004 the reins where given to the brothers Maarten and Donaat Brondeel.

With the extra energy of a new management and the knowledge of the past the company is growing very fast.

This growth is achieved by...
Training about 30 horses every day.
Building and maintaining of an extensive network of private and professional contacts.
Collecting a thorough knowledge of breeding and performances of top stallions and sporthorses in Europe.
We always stick to our own high standards regarding medical testing and reporting: we only work with good vets, so we know what we buy and sell!!
An honest and open communication on character, behaviour and all important characteristics of each individual sporthorse and the actual performance level.

Our strength
We know our sporthorses very well because we know their parents, their sisters and brothers. This way we can give you a precise image of there quality, behaviour, character.
We know how our stallions breed because we work and ride with there foals. This way we can give you a good advice to match your mare with the correct stallion.

Most of our horses were born at the studfarm and trained by our team. We can tell you the total history of a horse and assure you he was in good hands.

We breed and train horses for over 30 years and builded a good system to train young horses, stallions and older sporthorses. We work with our horses on a very relaxed way and take a lot of time to school them. With this system you won’t be surprised after purchasing the horse.
An open and honest communication with our client causes a lot of positive publicity!

The Breemeersen studfarm started as a hobby back in the seventies, but became quite rapidly the fulltime job of Jef and Jo Brondeel-Vettenburg. The first approved stallion on the station was Uebergabe, who jumped internationally with Eric Wauters, and was sold to Brasil after being second in the GP of Rio.

The most well-known stallion of the BWP in the eighties and even the nineties, was Lugano van La Roche. He arrived at the Breemeersen at the age of seventeen. Because he was so popular, he became the first stallion in Belgium to start with artificial insemination. Quite a change in the horse breeding world back then! In the nineties, Lugano was still the leading stallion on the list of the World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses. And with his son Darco his name is still very important in the Belgian Warmblood breeding.

In the early nineties, a young Hanoverian stallion was bought, Gottwald. A very modern, expressive and strong stallion, who jumped very good, and even more, who gives his qualities very well to his offspring. Quite a few of them are jumping internationally. A few examples: Parcival, Picaso van 'tRavenest, Vila Vita Quick van de Breemeersen (WEG in Jerez 2002),Q'leos-s-Fair,...

After Gottwald the stallions Grannusso, Escuro, Adorado, Conquest, Crescendo, Cornet Star,, Zirocco Jr. arrived at our studfarm.These talented stallions have the best jumpingblood of europe in there pedigree. This way we can make the perfect combinations and breed super sporthorses.

Lugano van Laroche with Jef Brondeel, Jo Vettenburg and the four sons Maarten, Lode, Donaat en Ruben
Gottwald with rider Lode Brondeel
Lugano van Laroche
Quick van de Breemeersen
(Gottwald x Hardi)