Are you looking for a talented sporthorse with exceptional jumping-ability?

Through our long tradition of selecting the best bloodlines, we breed horses which perform very well in show jumping. In addition we know the complete history of our horses, their pedigree and other relatives. People looking for a young promising performance-horse know this is very important!

We find it very important to find the right match so that you are successful and therefore also satisfied with our horses. The horses that we offer for sale come from our own breeding or they have been bred by people we know well. Before selling them, we train the horses so that we know what we are selling.

On our website you will find an overview of the horses that we breed, train and ultimately sell. If you want to buy a horse from us, we would like to know which type of horse you are looking for and within which price range. When we have a suitable horse, we like to invite you to our barn and we will ride the horse so you can see its qualities. If desired, you can afterwards also ride the horse under our guidance.

As our clients have a big trust in our advice we sell a lot by video. This way you don't lose your time by travelling arround. We will send you all the information and the details by documents, photo's and videos. 

After-sales service!
Even after the purchase you can count on us. We will help you importing your horse and guide you through the training of your horse. It takes some time for rider and horse to get to know each other. Because we think a good match is very important, we would like to help you with this. 

Do you wish to resell the horse after a few years? We will help you to find a new owner.

In the past 40 years we have already made many riders and amazons happy, be sure to check out our references!

Let us know what type of horse are you looking for?
D'artagnan RR
°2011 - gelding - 1.75m - Holstein
Diamant de Semilly x Calando I x Maximus
Current level: CSI 1.50m
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°2010 - gelding - 1.72m -  BWP
Adorado x Darco x Weltstar
Current level: training courses 1.20m
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°2016 - gelding- 1.69m - BWP
Jericho vd Maltahoeve x Gottwald x Goldfish de Lauzelle
​​​​​​​Current level: training courses 1m
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°2016 - gelding - 1.67m - BWP
Solid gold x Cumano x Carthago
Current level: training courses 1.10m
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°2010 - mare - 1.65m - BWP
Adorado x Clinton x Hardi

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°2016 - gelding - 1.70m - level: 1m - BWP
Crescendo x Nonstop x Brownboy
Current level: training courses 1m
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